A – Z List (2013)

 (by first name)

Adam Christou (Publicity & Project Manager, Recon Music / Remote Control)
Alicia Moreau (Director / Music Business Services, Paper Planes Music)
Anastasia Casagrande (Venue booker, Reverence Hotel)
Andrew Fuller (Commercial, Arts & Entertainment Lawyer / Grant Writer)
Andrew Furze (Music/Television Producer & Music Director, Hoodwink Productions)
Andrew Hayden (Owner & Founder, Poison City Records)
Andy Rantzen (Program Manager – Music, Australia Council for the Arts)
Anthony Zaccaria (Director & Manager, Bolster Music)
Ariel Katz (Community Producer, triple j Unearthed)
Ashlea O’Loughlin (Booker, Way Over There)
Ashley Gay (Director & A&R Manager, Xelon Entertainment)
Ashley Sambrooks (Director / Publicist, Show Off Services)

Bill Cullen (Director & Co-Founder, One Louder)
Blake Rayner (A&R Manager, Dew Process Recordings, Create/Control)
Bonnie Dalton (Director, Minnow & Co)
Brendan Maclean (Radio Announcer, Actor and Songwriter)
Bruce Milne (Director, In-Fidelity)

Cael Johnston (National Events Manager, Destroy All Lines)
Carlo Santone (Musician & Manager, Blue King Brown / Steering Committee, The Seed Fund)
Caroline Kennedy (Musician/Visual Artist, Caroline No / Fmr Dead Star)
Cash Savage (Musician)
Charles Jenkins (Musician / Coordinator, Push Songs)
Chelsea Wilson (Music & Interviews Manager, 3PBS)
Clinton Walker (Author)
Courtney Barnett (Musician, Milk! Records)
Craig Mathieson (Music Journalist/Writer)
Crystal Mercy (Musician)

Damon Hughes (Music Producer, triple j Unearthed)
Dan Rosen (CEO, ARIA)
Dan Zilber (General Manager of Music, FBi Radio)
Daniel Sharp (Musician, Boris The Blade)
Dario Phillips (Program Manager, Music Tasmania)
Darren Levin (Editor-in-chief, FasterLouder.com & messandnoise.com)
Darren Sanicki (Solicitor / Principal, GI & Sanicki Lawyers)
Darren Sylvester (Musician / Visual Artist)
Dave Larkin (Musician, Dallas Crane)
Dave  Ruby Howe (Music Director, triple j Unearthed)
David Grice (General Manager, Music SA)
Denise Foley (Executive Officer, QMusic / Chair, AMIN)
Dom Alessio (Presenter Home & Hosed – triple j)
Dylan Liddy (Director / Artist Manager, Blue Max Music)

Emily Kelly (Co-owner, Deathproof PR)
Emily Ulman (Venue Booker, The Toff / Boney)
Emma Russack (Musician)
Esti Zilber (Associate Producer, Sounds Australia)

Fay Burstin (Curator / Manager, Splendour Forum)
Fee-B Squared (Broadcaster / Presenter Breakfasters, 3RRR)

Georgia Fields (Musician)
Glenn Dickie (Export Music Producer, Sounds Australia)
Gordon Andersen (Industry Development Coordinator, Music SA)
Greg Macainsh (Musician, Skyhooks)
Guy Blackman (Artist Manager & Co-Director, Chapter Music)

Huw Nolan (Co-Founder, The Ripe)

Ian ‘Blink’ Jorgensen (Founder & Director, Camp A Low Hum / Square Wave / Puppies, NZ)
Ian James (Managing Director, Mushroom Music)
Ianto Ware (Co-Director, National Live Music Office)
Illy (Artist)

Jacqui Wilson (Label Manager, Shock Records / Permanent Records)
Jamie Farkas (General Manager, VICE Music)
Jeff Lang (Musician)
Jess Beston (Director and Founder, Tiny Monster)
Jimi Maroudas (Producer)
Joel Ma (Musician, Joelistics / TZU)
Joel Morrison (Co-owner, The Old Bar & The Public Bar)
Johann Ponniah (Director, I OH YOU)
John Watson (President, John Watson Management/Eleven)
Jordana Borensztajn (Comedian, Journalist, Social Media Trainer)

Ken West (Founder / Co-Producer, Big Day Out / Creative Festival Entertainment)
Kim Carter (Executive Partner / Strategic Director, Rockstar Management)
Kirsty Brown (Executive Officer, MusicNSW)
Kirsty Rivers (National Manager, Writer Services, APRA|AMCOS)

Lars Brandle (Music Journalist, Billboard Magazine)
Lauren Taylor (Presenter Breaking & Entering, 3RRR)
Leigh Treweek (Director, The Music / Street Press Australia)
Lindsay McDougall (Musician, Frenzal Rhomb / Presenter, triple j)

M-Phazes (Musician)
Mantra (Artist)
Marcus Teague (Music Journalist & Editor, The Vine / DIY Musician, Single Twin)
Marcus Walkom (Solicitor, Media Arts Lawyers)
Mark Smith (General Manager, Music NT)
Markus Popp (Musician, Oval, GER)
Matt Gudinski (Executive Director, Mushroom Group)
Matt Leost (Artist Manager, The Artery Foundation)
Matt Ridgway (Musician, Winterpark Music / Educator, Ableton Live Users Group)
Matt Tanner (Creative and A&R Manager, Native Tongue Music Publishing)
Maya Janeska (Label Manager, Shock Records / Halfcut Records)
Meg Williams (Executive Director, AAM)
Michael Gudinski (Founder & Chairman, Mushroom Group)
Michael Parisi (Director / Manager, Michael Parisi Management)
Michael Tucak (Principal Lawyer & Director, Creative|Legal)
Mick Thomas (Musician / Songwriter, Weddings Parties Anything)
Mikelangelo (Singer / Musician / Media Personality)
Millie Millgate (Executive Producer, Sounds Australia)
Moira McKenzie (Lawyer, GI & Sanicki Lawyers)

Natasha Gadd (Director / Film Maker, Daybreak Films)
Nic Warnock (Founder, R.I.P Society Records)
Nicci Reid (Director, Wing & Gill / Sugar Mountain Festival)
Nicholas Jones (Editor-In-Chief & Publisher, Tone Deaf)
Nick O’Byrne (General Manager, AIR / Associate Programmer, BIGSOUND / Artist Manager, Look Out Kid)

Patrick Donovan (CEO, Music Victoria)
Paul Rigby (Director, Zenith Records)
Paul Sloan (Managing Director, Billions Australia / Supersonic Enterprises)
Peter Karpin (A&R / General Manager, Mercury Records Australia)

Randall Nolan (Artist Manager / Booking Agent, Blue Max Music / Premier Artists)
Regan Lethbridge (Manager & Agent, 123 Agency / Musician, Bonjah)
Rene Chambers (Label Relations, Spotify)
Renée Geyer (Musician)
Richard Moffat (Director, Way Over There)
Ros Abercrombie (Festival Director & Company Director, WalkerAbercombie)
Rose Callaghan (Comedian / Writer)
Ross Knight (Musician, Cosmic Psychos)
Ryan Mason (Arts Officer, Arts Victoria)

Sam Cromack (Musician, Ball Park Music)
Sam Wald (Agent, Artist Voice)
Sarah Smith (Managing Editor, FasterLouder / Sound Alliance)
Sean Simmons (Booking Agent, Premier Artists)
Shane Wickens (Artistic Director, The Push & FReeZA Support Service)
Si J Gould (Promoter / Producer / Artist Manager, Wondercore Island)
Simon Winkler (Music Coordinator, 3RRR)
Sonny Smith (Musician/Visual Artist/Author, Sonny & The Sunsets)
Sophie Miles (Director and Co-Founder, Mistletone)
Stephen Green (Director, SGC New Media Marketing)
Steve Cross (Co-Founder, Remote Control)
Steve Halpin (Promoter, Cattleyard Promotions / Groovin The Moo)
Steve Harris (Director, Love & Theft Recording Co.)
Stu Harvey (Presenter, Triple j Short Fast Loud, Cooking Vinyl)
Stuart Grant (Lecturer, Monash University / Musician, Primitive Calculators)
Suzannah Espie (Musician)

Tim Morrison (Musician, Fmr Trial Kennedy)
Tim Shiel (Musician, Faux Pas & Gotye / Presenter, 3RRR)
Tom Battersby (Musician / Co-Manager, Baptism Of Uzi)
Tom Harris (Founder / Managing Director / Artist Manager, White Sky)
Tom Larkin (Producer / Musician / Artist Manager, Homesurgery)
Tom Larnach-Jones (Writer Services Representative Vic & Tas, APRA AMCOS)
Tom Supple (Director, Supple Fox / Co-Manager, Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes)
Tyson Hodges (Luthier/Guitarist, J’s Music / Bendigo Live Music Guide)
Tyson Koh (Producer & Programmer, Rage)
Tyson Wray (Arts, Associate Music & Online Editor, Beat Magazine)

Van Walker (Musician)

Woody McDonald (Presenter Primary Colours, 3RRR)

Zac Abroms (Digital & Social Media Publicist / Artist Manager, Viceroyalty)