Alean Penaflor reviews Face The Music 2012

Marking its fifth year, Face The Music is a two-day conference that gives aspiring artists and those generally wanting to work in the music industry, the opportunity to not only attend information sessions, but to also mingle and network with leading figures in the business.

Coinciding with Melbourne Music Week and the Australasian World Music Expo, you literally couldn’t take a few steps in the CBD without bumping into who’s who of the music biz. (I literally bumped into Kimbra as she walked into the ladies.)

If there were a guest speaker befitting to start off and also set the laid-back feel for the rest of the conference, American entrepreneur and author Martin Atkins was definitely the man. Not only enlightening attendees with straight-to-the-point advice, but his ironic and brazen sense of humour can also be held accountable for the continuous laughter heard throughout the Arts Centre.

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