Face The Music 2013: Day One Wrap Up

In its sixth year, Face The Music has brought together music industry leaders to discuss ideas and the issues affecting the industry.

With more than 44 panels, discussions, presentations, networking sessions and artists workshops, held over the two-day event, this is the perfect event if you are a budding musician, creative industries student or already work within the industry.

The What The Festival! panel featuring DIY touring expert Ian ‘Blink’ Jorgensen, Big Day Out co-founder Ken West, booking agent and festival promoter Paul Sloan, and Groovin’ The Moo’s Steve Halpin, discussed the current issues facing music festivals within Australia.

Paul Sloan declared, “Multi-genre festivals are suffering the most. No one wants to see their favourite act on a multi-genre festival.”

Always the optimist, Ken West rebutted, “I don’t believe there’s a crisis (within the festival market)…the Big Day Out is a gathering of tribes and always has been…the challenge is to not get (your event) loved to death.”

Blink Jorgensen, who runs his own festival but does not announce a lineup, added another reason why things aren’t quite working, “There aren’t as many headline acts…there are no massive new bands except from the pop sphere.”

Discussing the continual success of his regional event, Groovin’ the Moo, Steve Halpin suggested that “multi-genre still needs consistency…our lineup is all Triple J acts, the only non-commercial radio station available in regional areas.” It is clear that Halpin has found a niche and is sticking to it.

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