Face The Music and Melbourne Music Week announce exclusive Industry Program

Ian 'blink' JorgensenInternational guest speakers Blink (A Low Hum, NZ) and Jamie Farkas (VICE Music, USA) head the latest additions to Melbourne’s Face The Music contemporary music conference in a series of exciting workshops and keynotes co-presented with Melbourne Music Week.

Now in its sixth year, Face The Music hosts a meeting place for the industry during Melbourne Music Week, with up to 1000 artists and music professionals reconvening to share information, hear from industry leaders, pitch their music, and support emerging talents.

“This program of exclusive Melbourne Music Week sessions will celebrate our city’s iconic and innovative music scene and provide an essential platform for professional and creative development” said Face The Music’s Director, Peter Chellew.

NZ live music dynamo Blink returns to Melbourne Music Week for an invaluable Face The Music presentation on how Australian artists can pull off a no-budget world tour, make thousands of fans and have the time of their lives. Over 100 Australian acts have played at Blink’s Camp A Low Hum festival and he launches the new Square Wave multi-city NZ festival in November. Blink will draw on practical first-hand tips from his book DIY Touring the World, described by thethousands.com.au as being “like the Art of War for scrappy, hard-working bands. The density of essential knowledge in the tiny book is impressive.”

Ever wanted to know how some people manage to turn those small gigs into the launching pad for their career? Small rooms can grow music scenes that become the fabric of a city. If approached seriously, it’s the small gigs that can become the foundation of a bands strategy to success. Face The Music and Melbourne Music Week bring you Small Rooms, Big Dreams featuring Tim Scott (Gasometer Hotel), Joel Morrison (Old Bar, Public Bar), Emily Ulman (Boney, The Toff), Samuel Wald (Artist Voice), Anastasia Casagrande (Reverence Hotel), Sean Simmons (Premier Artists) and Matt Leost (Artery Foundation). See them analyze the significant role our small venues play in making Melbourne the music capital of Australia and learn from their know-how to make small gigs work for you.

In her first visit to Australia, VICE Music’s General Manager Jamie Farkas will deliver her highly anticipated keynote address on how to take the steps to become a truly global artist. Jamie will also be joined by Richard Moffat (Way Over There) and Nick O’Byrne (AIR) for a unique look into the future in ‘2014 – The Year That Was’, delivering a hypothetical review of the music industry‘s 2014 game changers, failures, opportunities and out and out triumphant winners.

Melbourne Music Week and Face The Music are also thrilled to launch The Sounding Board, a unique face-to-face with Label A&R and Radio Tastemakers. Lifting the lid off traditional listening sessions and giving you the opportunity to pitch your music for instant feedback in two-on-one, side-by-side meetings, find out what people like Simon Winkler (RRR), Adam Christou (Recon Music/Remote Control), Chelsea Wilson (PBS), Jamie Farkas (VICE Music, USA), Stu Harvey (triple j), Maya Janeska (Shock Records) and Dan Zilber (FBi Radio) think about your music.

Can the microphone be replaced by a spray can, a tattoo gun, lumps of clay or a camera? American playwright, musician and multimedia artist Sonny Smith, renowned for his unique narrative approach and original style of folk music, has captured the eyes of the world. Fresh from the opening performance of Melbourne Music Week with Sonny and the Sunsets, Sonny is joined at Face The Music by local multi-platform artists and renowned musicians Darren Sylvester and Caroline Kennedy for the session Music = Art, where we discover the work of successful musicians who create art and artists that create music.

Following a record attendance at last year’s conference, Face The Music returns to Arts Centre Melbourne over November 15 & 16, for two massive days of presentations, discussions, networking, music-making workshops, and insightful tips and tools to grow your music career.

Other speakers newly announced for Face The Music include Bill Cullen (One Louder), Blake Rayner (Dew Process, Create/Control), Ashley Sambrooks (Show Off Services), Meg Williams (AAM), Tim Shiel (Faux Pas/RRR), Jacqui Wilson (Shock, Permanent Records), Ashley Gay (Xelon Entertainment), Patrick Donovan (Music Victoria), Shane Wickens (The Push), Craig Mathieson (Journalist), Stephen Green (SGC New Media Marketing) and Lauren Taylor (3RRR).