Fasterlouder reviews Face The Music 2010

Review by Melanie Lewis

Melbourne’s music scene was diverted from the sticky carpets and dodgy toilets of it’s usual haunts and put up for the weekend in a far more deserving environ – The Arts Centre precinct – as The Push’s Face The Music Conference & Industry Summit saw over 70 of Australia’s industry delegates assembled to create dialogue with the next generation of performers, promoters, managers, labels bosses, Artist & Repertoire representatives, tour managers and journalists. This writer’s only problem was trying to decide which sessions to attend and which to miss out on.

Over the course of two days a who’s who of industry players enlightened the music scene’s ‘yoof’ as to what mistakes to avoid and what it really takes to make it in a chosen field. Yet the overarching line of advice was clear: Work hard, honour promises, be humble, and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.

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Day two saw legendary DJ Carl Cox, Mick Harvey and Adalita among others take the stage.

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