A – Z List (2012)


Adam Jankie (COO, llusive)
Adam Lane (Director, GEA Interactive)
Adrian Basso (President, CBAA / General Manger, 3PBSfm)
Adrian Marchesani (Manager, Standard Publishing)
AJ Maddah (Event Promoter, Soundwave / Harvest Festival) – KEYNOTE
Alastair Burns (Manager, Jordie Lane)
Alberto Guijarro Rey (Director, Primavera Sound Festival, SPAIN)
Alex Zaccaria (Tour Promoter & Band Manager, Bolster Music)
Almudena Heredero (Primavera Sound Festival, SPAIN) – KEYNOTE
Amanda Brotchie (Musician, Not Drowning Waving / Film & TV Writer/Director, High Wire Films)
Andie Reid (Tour Manager)
Angie Hart (Musician)
Ashley Admiraal (Planning & Environmental Advisor, Music Victoria / FairGo4LiveMusic)


Ben O’Connor (Manager, Twerps)
Ben Strong (Senior Associate, GI & Sanicki Lawyers)
Bernadette Ryan (Manager, Bernadette Ryan Management)
Brian Ritchie (Curator, MONA FOMA, AWME)
Brian Taranto (Director, Love Police)


Cael Fenby (National Events Manager, Destroy All Lines)
Cate Carr (Director Liquor & Gambling Policy – Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing)
Charles Jenkins (Musician / Manager, Push Songs)
Chelsea Wilson (Music & Interviews Manager, 3PBS FM)
Chet Faker (Musician)
Chris Gough (Managing Director, Native Tongue Music Publishing)
Chris Johnson (Manager, AMRAP)
Christie Eliezer (Australasian Correspondent, Pollstar / Senior Music Industry Columnist, The Music Network & Beat)
Claire Collins (Manager & Publicist, Bossy Music)
Clare Bowditch (Musician)
Con Kalamaras (Senior Writer Services Representative Vic/Tas, APRA | AMCOS)


Dan Rosen (CEO, ARIA)
Daniel Petchey (Event Promoter, Can’t Say / Purple Sneakers)
Daniel Randell (General Manager, Music SA)
Daren Levin (Managing Editor, Fasterlouder / Mess+Noise)
Darren Sanicki (Principal, GI & Sanicki Lawyers)
Dave Ruby Howe (Music Director, triple j Unearthed)
David Bridie (Producer / Musician, Not Drowning Waving / My Friend The Chocolate Cake) 
Dean Ormston (Head of Corporate Services, APRA | AMCOS)
Dom Alessio (Presenter, Home & Hosed – triple j)
Doug Wallen (Editor, Mess+Noise)
Dylan Michel (Musician, Wooshie / Record Label & Artist Collective Manager, This Thing)


Edwin Tehrani (Booking Agent, New World Artists)
Elise Peyronnet (Festival Director, Melbourne Music Week)
Eric Moore (Band Manager/Musician, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Flightless Records)
Evet Jean (Manager, Chet Faker / Director, Opulent)


Fergus Linehan (Festival Directory, Vivid, Sydney)
Forrester Savell (Producer)
Frank Rodi (Online & Mobile Licensing Manager, APRA | AMCOS)


Gareth Parton (Producer)
Gordon Anderson (Industry Development Coordinator, Music SA)
Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup (Manager, Buzz Management)
Gregg Donovan (Manager, Wonderlick Entertainment)
Guy Blackman (Manager, Twerps)


Helen Marcou (Co-Founder, SLAM)


Iain Shedden (Music Journalist, The Australian, AWME)
Ian Jorgensen (Founder, Camp A Low Hum, NZ)

Indra Adams (Booking Agent, Singhala Music)


Jaddan Comerford (Director, The Staple Group)
Jane Gazzo (Broadcaster, Max TV)
Janelle Johnstone (Marketing & Events Manager, 3PBS FM)
Jasper Donat (President, Music Matters / CEO, Branded, AWME)
Jayce Varden (Co-Founder & COO, PledgeMusic)
Jaymz Clements (Editor, triple j magazine)
Jerome Borazio (Director, Get Notorious)
Jess Cornelius (Musician, Teeth & Tongue)
Jess McGuire (Presenter, Triple R Breakfasters)
Jimi Maroudas (Producer)
Johann Ponniah (Director, I OH YOU)
John Lee (Musician, Mountains In the Sky / Composer & Producer)
Johnny Moretti (Musician, Johnny Rock & The Limits)
Julian Hewitt (Senior Solicitor, Media Arts Lawyers)
Jun-Lin Yeo (Artistic Director, Rainforest World Music Festival / Borneo Jazz Festival, Malaysia, AWME)
Justin Heazlewood (Musician, The Bedroom Philosopher)


Karl Richter (Director, Level Two Music)
Dr Kate Shaw (Future Fellow in Urban Planning & Geography, University Of Melbourne)
Katie Lio (Editorial Manager, BigPond Music / MOG)
Kimbra (Musician) – KEYNOTE
Kirsty Brown (Executive Officer, MusicNSW)


Leesa Ellem (Tour Manager)
Leigh Treweek (Director, Street Press Australia)
Luke Logemann (Manager, UNFD)


Maggie Collins (Manager, Golden District Management / Presenter, triple j)
Mahesh Mathai (Co-Founder, Blue Frog Venues, India, AWME)
Malcolm Haynes (Talent Buyer, Glastonbury, AWME)
Marcus Teague (Musician, Single Twin / Music Journalist/Editor, The Vine)

Maria Chiu (Deputy Artistic Director, National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Centre, Taiwan, AWME)
Mark Seymour (Musician)
Mark Smith (Manager, Music NT)
Mark Wallace (Musician, Weddings Parties Anything)
Martin Atkins (Artist, Label Owner & Author, USA) – KEYNOTE
Martin Boulton (Editor, The Age EG)
Mary Mihelakos (Columnist, The Age EG / Band Booker,The Aussie BBQ)
Matthew Minchin (Senior Manager Portfolio Strategy – Environmental Policy Division, Department of Sustainability)
Meg Williams (Executive Director, AAM)
Michael Barclay (Musician, Weddings Parties Anything)
Michael Parisi (Manager, Michael Parisi Management)
Michael Tucak (Principal Lawyer & Director, Creative Legal)
Mick Thomas (Musician, Weddings Parties Anything)
Mikelangelo (Musician / Media Personality)
Mike Huckaby (DJ, Red Bull Music Academy)
Millie Millgate (Export Music Producer, Sounds Australia)
Moira McKenzie (Solicitor, GI & Sanicki Lawyers)


Nicci Reid (Director, Sugar Mountain)
Nicholas Jones (Editor-In-Chief, Tone Deaf)
Nick O’Byrne (General Manager, AIR / Associate Programmer, BIGSOUND)
Nick Yates (Manager, UNFD)


Patrick Donovan (CEO, Music Victoria)
Paul Thomas (Musician, Weddings Parties Anything)
Paula Henderson (Artist Programmer, WOMAD UK, AWME)
Peter Bayliss (Spokesperson & Treasurer, MusicACT)


Quincy McLean (Co-Founder, SLAM / Bakehouse Studios / Blue Ruin)


Rae Harvey (Manager, Crucial Music)
Rebecca Reato (Publicist & Co-Founder, Deathproof PR)

Rebecca Young (Booking Agent, Artist Voice)
Roger Field (Vice President / Promotions, Live Nation)
Ross Mueller (Artist Director & Playwright, Geelong Courthouse ARTS)
Rowan Robinson (Manager, No Dice Management)
Ryan McLerie (Musician, House VS Hurricane)


Sam Thompson (Group Content Director, MCM Media)
Sarah-Jane Wentzki (Writer Services Representative, APRA | AMCOS)
Scott Horscroft (Vice President A&R, EMI / Producer)
Scotty McKenzie (Agent, Premier Artists)
Associate Professor Shane Homan (Head Communications & Media Studies, Monash University)

Shane O’Donohue (Editor, Street Press Australia)
Shen Lihui (Founder and Director, Modern Sky, Beijing, AWME)
Simon Winkler (Music Coordinator, Triple R)
Sophia Brous (Musician, Brous / Board Member, Music Victoria)
Sophie Kirov (Tour Manager)
Stacey Piggott (Publicist, Two Fish Out Of Water)
Stephen Wade (Agent, Select Music)
Steven Schram (Producer)
Stu Harvey (Presenter, Short Fast Loud – triple j / Senior International Label Manager, Shock Records)
Stu Mackenzie (Lead Singer/Musician, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard & Flightless Records)
Susan Forrester (General Manager, Melbourne Big Day Out / Push Board Member / Soundscape Artist)


Taryn Stenviei (Music Editor, Beat Magazine)
Tom Fraser (Manager, Big Scary)
Tom Johannesen (Agent, Fetch Agency)
Tom Mattessi (Director, This Town Touring, Beijing, AWME)
Tom Supple (Director, Supplefox / Creative Associate, Melbourne Festival)


Van Walker (Musician)
Vanessa Bassili (Publicist, Little Old Me Publicity)


Wil Burston (Tour Manager)


Yasmin Naghavi (Solicitor, Media Arts Lawyers)


Zac Abroms (Digital & Social Media Publicist & Manager, Viceroyalty)