January 1, 1970

Presented by Face The Music and Melbourne Music Week

Day: Saturday 16 November, 2013
Time: 3.05 – 3.55pm
Location: ANZ Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne (Level 8)

Six of the industry’s most influential minds look to the future to deliver a hypothetical review of the music industry in 2014.

What were the game changers? Who made the biggest impact? Where did technology take us? How did business models change? What were the biggest challenges faced by the industry, and where were new opportunities discovered?

This session will offer predictions, hypothetical and hard analysis of fictional – albeit likely – scenarios. Arm yourself with the insight of these future perspectives, and let your imagination take a time-machine trip.

Moderator: Zac Abroms (Digital & Social Media Publicist / Artist Manager, Viceroyalty)