Building Blocks: How to grow, understand and meet the needs of your audience


November 23, 2017
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Presented by Music Under Wings / Live Music Professionals

Whether you’re a venue owner, independent promoter, band booker, manager or artist; building and maintaining a loyal audience is key to your long-term success. In this session we’ll explore how to meet the needs of your existing and potential audience while also discussing the best ways to reach them. For some, finding your audience will be the first step but maintaining an ongoing relationship with your audience – and one which develops over time with a focus on the long term – is key. We’ll look into data, consumer trends marketing, publicity, ticketing and programming strategies as key aspects to successful audience development and we’ll be turning to some of the industry’s most experienced people for their insights.


Yvette Myhill
Swan Hill Performing Arts
Sally Mather
Corner Hotel
Stacey Piggott
Secret Service
Richard Moffat
Way Over There