Let There Be Rock City: 11 year retrospective of Herald Sun’s weekly music column


November 24, 2017
10:00 am - 11:00 am

11 years and 551 columns. Mikey Cahill’s weekly Rock City article in the Herald Sun has rockumented Melbourne on a hot streak. From facing off with Nick Cave, writing about who nailed/failed at Meredith Music Festival to christening Midnight Juggernauts “grave rave”, calling out politicians to Save Live Australia Music and charting the rise of Eddy Current Suppresion Ring, Tame Impala, Camp Cope, CW Stoneking, No Zu, Beaches, Big Scary and countless more, Mikey will be joined by special guests …and the gloves will be off. We pinpoint 11 pivotal moments of the last decade plus change and bring backstage access and insights out into the open. “Was that on or off the record?”


Zac Abroms
Face The Music / Viceroyalty
Mikey Cahill
Sarah Thompson
Poison City / Camp Cope
Sophie Miles
Blake Scott
The Peep Tempel