Showchella: A best-practise playbook for putting on gigs


November 24, 2017
3:45 pm - 4:45 pm

Presented by Music Victoria

This panel brings together a Musician, Festival Director, Artist Manager, Promotor and Venue Booker to discuss strategies and recommended best practices for coordinating gigs and tours. The discussion covers all aspects of gig delivery – from putting together a line up; communicating and negotiating with venues and promoters; creating agreements and worksheets; treating musicians ethically and fairly; and the relationship between each of these key industry roles in the gig coordinating process. Referring to Music Victoria’s Best Practice Guidelines, pick up practical tips for booking shows and tips on managing tricky situations.


Si Jay Gould
Wondercore Island
Melanie Pose
Melbourne International Jazz Festival
Justin Rudge
Public Bookings
Rebecca Young
Collective Artists