The Promoters

November 13, 2015
11:25 am - 12:25 pm
The Pavilion

For one of the most risky gigs in the business, being a tour promoter is hugely popular. So does it pay off? The biggest promoters and festival bookers discuss deals, budgets, visas and how to tell if a band is hype or has genuine paying fans. Do agents pitch bands to festival bookers holding the purse strings? Or are festival organisers and promoters beholden to the carefully crafted touring cycles of acts? What are realistic margins and fair offers? Do festival slots underpin a tour? What do promoters look for in supports? What impact could globalisation of touring and festivals have on the Australian market? And how does this affect growing opportunities in Asia? In a session not to be missed by any band, agent, manager, emerging festival organiser or promoter, local and international experts at the very top of the game dissect the touring and festival circuit.