White Wash: #OzMusicSoWhite – why does the industry struggle when it comes to people of colour?


November 23, 2017
11:15 am - 12:15 pm

We’re consistently told that Australia is a diverse and multicultural nation –– so why is the music industry so overwhelmingly white? Every year different conferences wheel out the same panels on diversity and representation with little change. This year at Face The Music we’re looking beyond tokenism. This is about nitty gritty – we’re looking at the challenges performers of colour face (unconscious bias, tokenism, outright racism), how Australia’s history of colonialism and brutality against its Indigenous people is impacting the world of Australian music, and asking why racial diversity is important. Featuring five of the most vital voices from across the creative spectrum, this panel will bring to light the experiences of PoC in the Australian music industry warts and all, and think about root causes and solutions to one of the industry’s most dire problems. 


Kish Lal
Writer / DJ
Amrita Hepi
Joel Ma
Multicultural Arts Victoria