Andrew Hayden
Owner / Founder, Poison City Records

Andy Hayden picAndrew Hayden is the owner/ founder of Poison City Records. Since starting with a few local releases in 2003, Andrew has grown Poison City from a weekend hobby to a prolific, well respected indie label with almost 80 releases to it’s name. Poison City is currently home to a diverse cross section of Australia’s finest indie/ punk-rock bands & artists such as The Smith Street Band, Harmony, Clowns, Lincoln Le Fevre, White Walls, Jen Buxton, The Bennies, Deep Heat, Grim Fandango and Hoodlum Shouts, with Andrew’s intent always on creating as much of a music community as a label, distribution and record store. Since the mid 90’s Andrew has played in numerous Geelong/ Melbourne bands and was the bass player for A Death In The Family, who toured regularly including Europe/ UK/ USA several times. Currently based in Fitzroy, Poison City also incorporates a distribution arm (No Idea Records, Asian Man, Don Giovanni, Dirtnap, Sabot etc), operates as a skateboard/ record retail store and is the label behind the annual ‘Weekender Fest’, held every September in Melbourne.