Ash London

Ash London LIVE!

Ash London is the host of Ash London LIVE which airs weeknights at 8pm Australia-wide on on the Hit radio network on Southern Cross Austereo. You may have also seen Ash on Channel 11’s weekly music show, The Loop until April 2015, on The Project, or read one of her hundreds of artist interviews. While Ash keeps busy as a TV & Radio host; her hobbies include napping, eating, baking and thinking about maybe going for a run at some point in the future. As a child Ash dreamed of one day being old enough to meet, and subsequently marry Ricky Martin. It soon became apparent that nuptials were not possible, and it was time to find a new dream. Life can be cruel sometimes! Initially starting her career writing for music radio, Ash lists some of her favourite music memories as dancing to Joy Division with The Wombats, discussing colonics with MGMT, and enjoying the world’s most awkward piggy back from Ed Sheeran. She also once voiced a condom commercial – which didn’t go down too well at family dinner.