Caroline Kennedy
Musician/Visual Artist, Caroline No / Fmr Dead Star

carolineCaroline No is Australian music and visual artist Caroline Kennedy. Caroline began performing in the post-punk world of Melbourne’s live music scene, where she wrote and sang for seminal bands The Plums and Deadstar and collaborated with artists like Kim Salmon, The Body Electric and Crow. She is currently a recipient of the prestigious Australian Postgraduate Award for her doctoral research at Monash University into post-punk music and painting. She has written songs for many other music artists as well as for her own projects and her compositions are used in film, television and radio. Her paintings are in private collections throughout the world, as well as on the covers of some her records.

Caroline has performed at The Big Day Out, The Meredith festival and The Falls festival, and multiple times on Australian television shows as well as in seven music videos. As an artist she has supported national and international music groups including Throwing Muses, Belly, Tanya Donnelly, Juliana Hatfield, Kristen Hirsch, The Tea Party, The Dirty Three, John Butler, Machine Translations, Dave Graney, Flap, and many more. The forthcoming Caroline No record is being produced by The Dirty Three’s Mick Turner.


Caroline appears on the 2013 Face The Music session:
Music = Art