Casey Katz

Beyond The Valley

Casey recently completed a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing. During her degree, she completed a number of internships including Future Music Festival to gain practical experience in the industry.

Casey has worked for the Untitled Group for 2 years, managing and overseeing the social media content creation for Beyond The Valley, Pitch Music & Arts, Grapevine Gathering, as well as the Facebook advertising for Anyway Promotions and XE54. In addition to this, Casey manages the accreditation, Box Office, and customer service for BTV, Pitch Music & Arts, and Grapevine Gathering.

Casey is an avid music fan and loves going to events, particularly the events she is involved with, where she can see the end result and see where all the long hours and hard work has gone into.

Her passion for music and live music events has transferred into her professional career, making it her “dream job”.