Darren Sylvester
Musician / Visual Artist

DarrenSylvesterRenowned for his multidisciplinary practices in photography, sculpture, video, performance and music, Sylvester applies a highly polished, highly referential aesthetic to everything he does. His musical practice began with videos of himself performing as David Bowie or Kate Bush, and progressed to re-building the Carpenters’ Los Angeles garden for a 2009 exhibition. Last year he released his first book Compass Point, about the demise of the famous Bahamas recording studio, including archival photos supplied by Talking Heads’ Chris Frantz. Sylvester’s entry into the world of recording and live performance came in 2008, when he made his self-titled debut album as part of Optimism, an exhibition at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art. Encouraged by friends, he played his first live show in Melbourne in 2008 with fellow first-timers Beaches. Sylvester returned with his second album Off By Heart, released on Chapter Music in October this year.

Website: www.artinfo.com.au/artists/about/darren-sylvester

Darren appears on the 2013 Face The Music session:
Music = Art