Frank Cotela
CEO / Director, Onelove Music Group

frankFrank Cotela heads ONELOVE Music Group and is a major force responsible for pushing Australian dance music on a global scale. Credited with changing the aesthetic face of dance music culture in Australia, Cotela has worked behind the scenes on some of the country’s most successful and prolific EDM brands for over 30 years.

After obtaining a degree in electronic engineering in digital electronics, he worked in a recording studios in the early ’80s. His natural aptitude for design and interest in electronic culture and emerging computer graphics saw him move in a new direction. He became a creative director in some of Australia’s leading advertising houses and eventually established his own design studio FCD, specialising in music and fashion.

In 2000 he joined forces with promoters Peter Raff & Dror Erez to create ONELOVE, where his marketing vision helped forge the nation’s best-known dance brand of the decade. In 2004 the partnership created ONELOVE Recordings, a label supporting both local and international emerging talent. In 2008, as director of the Totem-Onelove Group, Cotela co-founded Stereosonic. It became one of Australia’s biggest festivals and was eventually sold to New York events company SFX in 2013.


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