Hazel Savage
Marketing Manager, Pandora Internet Radio AU/NZ

hazel-savage-picHazel Savage is the Marketing Manager for Pandora Internet Radio in Australia and New Zealand. As a 10-year veteran of the music industry she specialises in the digital music space, content creation, tech and social media. Previous to joining Pandora Hazel has worked for Shazam in London, Universal Music in Australia and the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Interesting Hazel/Pandora facts:
• Favorite music discovery at Pandora: The Outfield, an 80s British band who were only big in the USA.
• Hazel used to play guitar in an all-girl punk band in London.
• Hazel is a not-so-secret Bon-Jovi fan.

Twitter: @PandoraAUS
Facebook: /Pandora
Website: www.pandora.com

Hazel appears on the Face The Music 2014 program.