Joe Alexander
Director, Bedroom Suck Records

Joe Alexander picBedroom Suck Records began as the present tense of Joe Alexander and Sam McCabe, two down-and-out share-house types direct from the steamy sauna of Brisbane suburban living. One day the amount of good music snaking out from under the doors of friends and distant relatives became too much to bear, and in early 2009 what became known as ‘bedroom suck’ was born. Since then, B-S-R have released LPs for the likes of Boomgates, Blank Realm, Bitch Prefect, Terrible Truths and more. The label just celebrated its fifth active year in the business with the release of a double-LP compilation, documenting B-S-R’s inception in Brisbane and growth throughout the country. Tweet him @bedroomsuck

Joe appears on the Face The Music 2014 program.