Joel Morrison
Co-owner, The Old Bar & The Public Bar

joel morrisonJoel Morrison is the co-owner and band booker of The Old Bar and The Public Bar. He’s been a part of The Oldie for about 5 years now and Public Bar since last October. Before that he was also an owner/booker of The Afterdark. He has also played in bands Assassination Collective, Tractor By Day, The Adults and currently plays in Bodies. He also ran a record label for a little while releasing bands such as Graveyard Train, Wicked City, Fourteen Nights At Sea and a few others. He helped run a community radio station when he was up in Far North Queensland for some reason. He pretty much lives for live music and bars. He also plays for The Old Bar Unicorns and you’ve probably seen him at a gig.

Joel appears on the 2013 Face The Music session:
Small Rooms, Big Dreams