Jordana Borensztajn
Comedian, Journalist, Social Media Trainer

Jordana headshotJordana Borensztajn is an iPhone and social media addict, comedian, journalist, pop culture junkie and social media trainer. Jordana kicked off her journalism career with a cadetship at the Herald Sun, she lived and worked in NYC as a freelance music reporter, gig photographer and copywriter, and most recently worked at dmg Radio Australia as National Online Music Editor. Jordana entered the world of stand up in October 2011 and has never looked back. Her inspiration is simple: “My biggest flaws in life are my greatest assets in comedy,” she explains. “As long as I’m doing stand up, I won’t need to start therapy.”


Jordana appears on the 2013 Face The Music session:
Splendour Forum Debate: Music in Advertising – ‘Selling Out’ or ‘The New Radio’?