Kish Lal
Music Journalist

Kish LalSynonymous with traction, Kish Lal is a low level, D-grade Kim Kardashian in the making. Spending all her adult life writing for blogs, taking photos for blogs and making blogs famous, she now uses her talents on getting famous people to follow her back on Twitter.

Her genesis story begins on WordPress writing about blog house in 2008, getting the attention of low-key thirsty techno bros and then moving on to write for Stoney Roads, Thump and FACT Mag. Of course no ‘music journalist’ is complete without their extra curriculars, dabbling in work for Strawberry Fields and PR work for Novel Tours and Events as well as Viceroyalty.

A quarter life crisis led her to hate the club and now she rolls her eyes at techno bros weekly on Club Angels, a podcast curated by Poncho for like-minded haters.

If you need to know what’s hot and what’s not, Kish has the answer.


Kish appears on the Face The Music 2015 session:
STEP Presents: The Digital Natives