Mathew Coyte
Editor-In-Chief & Publisher, Rolling Stone Australia

Matthew CoyteMathew Coyte has a long history in magazines and music reviewing, as well as playing in working Sydney rock band Further for the past 17 years. Before joining the Rolling Stone team as editor-in-chief in 2008, he was editor of Australian Guitar, Australian Skateboarding and Empire, winning numerous Magazine Publishers Awards including Magazine Of The Year. During his time at Rolling Stone, Mathew has launched, an annual awards bash and a series of pop-up music venues.

In November 2013, Mathew began publishing Rolling Stone himself with his new company, Paper Riot, offering the brand independence and a breath of fresh air.

Rolling Stone was first published in 1967 by Jann Wenner, and is the world’s most recognisable music title, launching the careers of Hunter S. Thompson, P.J. O’Rourke, Tom Wolfe, Cameron Crowe, Joe Klein, and Kurt Loder. The Australian edition is the longest running international version of the magazine, with its first edition printed in 1972.

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