Matt Leost
Artist Manager, The Artery Foundation

matt leost picMatt Leost is an artist manager and booking agent for The Artery Foundation. Growing up in Europe and studying International Business in the UK, Matt moved to Sydney, Australia in 2009. He started in the industry in 2010 by taking charge of the account team at The Harbour Agency and booking bands after hours. After working double shifts for over a year and a half, Matt decided to dedicate his entire time to booking and started working independently under Fetch Agency alongside Tom Johannessen (now New World Artists). Hard work and dedication led Matt to pursue his career and open up The Artery Foundation Australian office just over a year ago where he works with acts such as Buried in Verona, Make Them Suffer, Saviour and a lot more.


Matt appears on the 2013 Face The Music session:
Small Rooms, Big Dreams