Matt Ridgway
Musician, Winterpark Music / Educator, Ableton Live Users Group

MattRidgwayHeadshotMelbourne musician and educator Matt Ridgway has been creating cinematic, atmospheric electronic music under the moniker of Winterpark since 2005. His often dark and brooding soundscapes have found a home on TV soundtracks including Underbelly and Offspring, and has composed for short film and commericals. Self confessed music nerd, Matt has been teaching music, music technology and sound production since the late 1990’s. He has recently been featured on music tech website for an instrument he created using Ableton Live and a toy harmonium, and has been an active member of electronic music collectives including Outpost facilitating Audio Visual jam sessions, and the Melbourne Ableton Live User’s Group.


Matt appears on the 2013 Face The Music session:
Incorporating Digital Elements into your Live Performance Setup (Intermediate-Advanced)