Mick Thomas
Musician / Songwriter, Weddings Parties Anything

Mick ThomasMichael Thomas is an Australian singer-songwriter, producer and guitarist. He was the founding mainstay of folk rock group Weddings Parties Anything (1984–1998), and leader of Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing – both huge favourites at Port Fairy and many other festivals. At the end of 2012 Mick announced that Weddings Parties Anything would be using the Melbourne Age Hall of Fame induction as a farewell platform, which was met with a large outpouring of emotion on his facebook page as the fans struggled to come to grips with the finality of the occasion.

The real accomplishments of a career such as Mick’s are often less documented but just as important: the regional tour to obscure country halls in late 2012, the regular tours of Europe in the years prior to this. The album Last of the Tourists recorded in Portland Oregon and released to great acclaim in early 2012. The Monthly Music Club – his own subscriber based monthly web broadcast showcasing his prolific and multi faceted talents and formidable work ethic. The constantly evolving, but always effective line-up of the Roving Commission is testament in itself to the respect commanded within the industry and forms an intriguing and refreshing distraction for the ardent long time supporters of Mick’s music. His ever evolving talents as a writer and performer and racontuer continue to define a career as intriguing as it is enduring. He has also released material as a solo artist.

Website: www.mickthomas.com

Mick appears on the 2013 Face The Music session:
We Come From A Land Downunder