Nic Warnock
Repressed Records / RIP Society

nic warnockNic Warnock is the founder of R.I.P Society Records, a member of several excellent bands, was previously a co-director of Sound Summit festival and works at Repressed Records. His involvement in the music community started when he moved from Far North Queensland to Sydney’s western suburbs to attend university. He managed to land a job at his local record store by wearing the right T-shirt (The Stooges) and began commuting to the city every weekend to attend shows in numerous now deceased DIY venues.

In 2008, Repressed Records moved from Penrith to Newtown, with R.I.P Society Records pressing its first record the next year. This year, Repressed Records curated a successful and slightly controversial concert in The Sydney Opera House’s Joan Sutherland Theatre as a part of Vivid Festival. Last year, R.I.P Society celebrated its fifth birthday with an eight-hour concert, also at the Sydney Opera House as a part of Vivid Festival. It was also successful but not as controversial. R.I.P. Society has released records by Woollen Kits, Royal Headache, Zond, Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, Cured Pink and Low Life.


Nic appears on the Face The Music 2015 session:
Vinyl: Record Store Day and Other Pressing Matters