Nico Ghost


Nico Ghost is coming for his souls…and he will collect.

A new force in what has been dubbed the ‘new wave’ of Australian hip hop, this Melbourne MC is leading the charge with the likes of Allday and Ivan Ooze, taking the genre forward in new and creative ways and expanding hip hop audiences across the country. Out of the dark depths of the Melbourne scene, Nico Ghost emerged in July 2015 to stake his claim with his debut EP ’Kaishi’. Making a serious impact, the record resulted in a slot at the coveted Beyond the Valley Festival and culminated in an invitation to support US legends Wu-Tang Clan, G-Eazy and The Underachievers in recent months. 

His new single ‘Night Terrors’ is the first taste of Nico’s forthcoming second EP to be released late this year, which will see him embark on his second headline national tour around Australia.