Solange Glasser

University of Melbourne

Solange Glasser began her tertiary education in 1999, studying violin performance and musicology at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. She published her Honours thesis under the title “Music, the Brain, and Amusia”: the first of her explorations into the neuro-mechanisms of music and creativity. In 2004 she was accepted into the musicology program of the University of Paris IV, Sorbonne, where she successfully completed a Licence and Masters in Musicology, publishing her Masters mémoire under the title La synesthésie équivoque d’Olivier Messiaen (“The Ambiguous Synaesthesia of Olivier Messiaen”). She went on to complete a one-year diploma of Orchestral Conducting at the Municipal Conservatorium of Paris XIX, under the baton of Emanuel Jaeger. Solange is nearing completion of her PhD at the University of Melbourne under the supervision of Prof. Gary McPherson, where she is studying the effects of synaesthesia and absolute pitch on musical abilities.