Underground Resistance
Musicians, Detroit

Detroit’s Underground Resistance (UR) are strictly DIY, Underground Resistance Banks bw smallfiercely independent creators of grubby, four-track techno. UR was formed in the late 1980s after Reagan’s rule, with their music providing a cold and chaotic response to the severe economic disparity and decline of their home town, Detroit. Widely recognised for their militant disposition, original members Mike Banks, Robert Hood and Jeff Mills masked their identity with bandanas.

UR’s early releases were characterised by the typically Detroit techno style, combining Motown and Chicago soul with lo-fi techno, acid, and electro. In 1992 Mills and Hood left UR, eventually achieving recognition on an international scale. Banks stayed going on to release EPs Return of Acid Rain, Message to the Majors and Galaxy to Galaxy, as well as UR’s first full-length album Interstellar Fugitives in 1998. UR as a movement continued to attracted like-minded souls, affecting change via sonic revolution and busting fresh talent out into the world. They developed signature ways for releasing material, engaging with their community and resisting commercialisation. Select members of Underground Resistance will talk about growing up in Detroit, providing a rare insight into he driving force behind the birthplace of techno, as well as their hunger for social and political change worldwide.

Website: www.undergroundresistance.com

Underground Resistance appears on the Face The Music 2014 program.