Testimonial – Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougall (triple j announcer, Frenzal Rhomb band member)

“I was quite honoured to be asked to chair a panel at the Face The Music Symposium. Being in the music industry for many years, in various roles, it’s good to share my (sometimes dubious) experience and views on how it all works. I though the organisation of the event was perfect, the panelists complemented each other well, in that the ideas reached were more than the sum of the parts. I think people watching the forums would have heard a wide variety of views and been able to form their own ideas about how to make it in their chosen part of the music industry. In fact, I even think some of the nonsense coming out of my mouth was actually helpful for the first time. Very much looking forward to the next one.”

 Lindsay “The Doctor” McDougall, triple j announcer, Frenzal Rhomb band member