The Music Network Face The Music 2012 Recap

Often at music conferences, we media folk traipse the halls and attend speaking panels that can repeat the same old trollop that we’ve seen trotted out for years. Face The Music was a notable exception to the norm, choosing firecracker Martin Atkins to speak on the Music Listening Panel.

Yep, the legendary post-punk icon Martin Atkins attended the Music Listening Session this year, and considering someone submitted Gangnam Style anonymously to be assessed by the panel, we should have known a couple of corkers would emerge from the fray. I mean, he wrote a book called Welcome To The Music Business. You’re Fucked.

What emerged was an Atkins-developed sliding scale of musical goodness in the form of the particularly technical ‘would I iron to that song?’ / ‘I wouldn’t iron to that song’ scale.

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