Tone Deaf: The 8 Things We Learnt At Face The Music 2014

For those who couldn’t make it there, we’ve compiled a few key juicy bits to give you the lowdown.

You Wish You Could Be In At Least Two Places At Once

At every music industry conference – no matter how big or small – you’re always gonna wish you had a doppelganger running around taking notes at the session around the corner. FTM was no exception, with two or three (or more) panels, workshops and industry sessions running simultaneously. Sometimes it’s just too hard to choose.

Internationally, Just Being A Muso From Australasia Is A Story In Itself Right Now

So said Lorde’s manager Ayisha Jaffer at the session We Come From a Band Down Under, which explored the awesome success of Australasian artists globally in the past few years. But don’t jump on a plane just yet. Marshall Betts from the Windish Agency recommends being cautious about going abroad just for the sake of, well, going abroad. Having a team (manager, agent, etc.) in place before you go will maximise your potential. Talk to people in the know first. There are all kinds of pitfalls you need to be aware of, like withholding tax in the USA.