Why Do Musicians Fall Asleep… reviews Face The Music 2011

Why was Face the Music conference an emotional roller coaster?

A brilliant couple of days, a future ‘must attend’ for anyone serious about their music journey. Not surprisingly I came away with a bad case of mental overload. No one was more surprised than me that I felt totally discouraged by lunch time on the first day as I listened to industry old-hands hammer home how much I didn’t know about the technical sides of the music industry. (How could I possibly manage a band if I didn’t know that stuff – like who would want me…or worse – what if I stuff it up for genuine talent…).

This was later turned around when a consistent thread of doing things with particular purpose, having a plan, a vision and marketing yourself, weaved its way through pretty much the entire 2 days regardless of the topic. Whether they were artist managers, promoters, booking agents – when asked tips on how people should approach them, direction, planning and marketing were strong common themes.

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